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11 October, 2008
@ 5:22pm]

comment to be added.


31 October, 2005
@ 10:47am]
[ mood | lonely ]

i have become increasingly antisocial as the days go by. its halloween and i have no plans other than work. i dont even really like halloween, but you would think i would at least have some options. heres the killer though, its not even by choice. im so antisocial that no one even asks me to do anything anymore. i know its my own fault. i guess id like to have friends. well i know i have friends. i have great friends. i mean social friends though. i dont have those. i could call people, but i would rather not. especially now. im so sheltered in my own little world. but im not going to deny the fact that im sad. if you looked at me, youd probably think that i had lots to do. thats not true at all. i dont go out on the weekends. people rarely ask me to hang out anymore. and i rarely try to spend time with people in return. whats happened to me? its not like last year. im not depressed, its something else. im just in my own world. a lot of it has to do with davids being gone. i have no one to motivate me to spend time with people. its become easier to be alone.

whats wrong with me?


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